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HEM & NEKO はいわゆるキャラクターやマスコットの類ではなく、
マーク / 模様的であり平面から立体まで多種多様なプロダクトへと姿 / 形を変えます。

HEM & NEKO には〝真実を見つめてゆきたい〟という想いが込められています。


I think that many actions and behaviors should be true, and there must not be falsehood.

However, the reality was not so.When I was young, I was far apart from the world that I imagined,
and there was a big drop.HEM & NEKO were born to express the world that overlooked “truth” for us.
I always develop whether I am true while it was limited the brand which “simple/unique”
which is born after having been able to lose unnecessary suspicion all is relieved
for the true intention not the world thinking about whether it is a lie, and to be able to be correct.
It is the work by the handmade article to open the sensitivity of the person who had it in its hand
with a unique silhouette and a rich expression about the main solid work.




– about me –

HEM & NEKO (b. 198X) is an artist working in mixed media, design and drawing.
After graduating from high school, I went to Vancouver.  I learned art in canada and japan.
Now I am working as a public park, designer & events responsible


– artworks

– (concurrent)

● patern design / drawing / oil paint

I create an organism that does not exist in this world.

Much of his work adapts anthropological strategies to explore poetic narratives from personal and cultural experiences

while revealing the process of self-construction within the socioeconomic structures that surround everyday life.




2010 Gallery kuro/Osaka,Japan

GROUP Exhibition / EVENT 

2009   GEISAI #12/Tokyo,Japan

2011   Café absinthe/Osaka,Japan

2011   wormwood/Osaka,Japan

2012   EXPO’70 commemorative park/Osaka,Japan

2013   STARBUCKS/Osaka,Japan

2013   EXPO’70 commemorative park/Osaka,Japan

2014   JR UMEDA ISETAN Stores/Osaka,Japan

2014  Daimaru Department Stores/Osaka,Japan

2015  Hankyu Department Stores /Osaka,Japan

2020  EXPOCITY Department Stores /Osaka,Japan





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